Sunday, September 26, 2010

Words of a Slapstick Tramp

Charlie Chaplin's impassioned speech at the end of 'The Great Dictator'. A searing satirization of Hitler and Nazi Germany, released in 1940.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selvedging Dignity

Mankind comes up with a lot of terrible ideas, like slavery, telemarketing, and Kim Jong Il. But every once in awhile we stumble on something that's so perfect it will continue through all subsequent generations of the world population. It will resist the vicissitudes of style, outlast empires and regimes, and probably stand as ensign of the pinnacle of human achievement after the last person has succumbed to global warming, asteroid strike, or zombies. One of these things is jeans.

Jeans are in a word; perfect.

But there are those who can't leave well enough alone. In the name of fashion, or self expression, or creativity they would seek to embellish or ornament and corrupt that which is otherwise sublime.

They embroider, and rhinestone, and contrast stitch and [shudder] add pocket flaps. In a grand mal seizure of post-modernism they add holes and wear to the jeans. The idea of machines using abrasives on jeans so the arrive in stores ragged is too much for me to contemplate. Instead I imagine cute young men and women in China or Venezuela wearing them while they play soccer or ride bikes until they are just right and then in a slightly emotional goodbye gently fold them in a box to be sent to Gaps and J. C. Pennys in the U.S.. Holes in my denim is more of a bank statement then a fashion statement.

We have a saying back on the east coast: If it aint broke don't embroider it.

Don't put any food or drink in your mouth before watching this video: